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Free Mortgage Radio is brought to you by the creator of the No Cost Refinance, and the home of the Best Rate, Best Fee Guarantee - Vision Quest Lending.

Vision Quest Lending is a Direct Lender. No Broker, NO Middleman. They make their own decisions AND lend their OWN money.They make the process of securing a mortgage simple and straightforward by offering you the latest in financial tools, and arming you with the information and options that enable you to make sound financial choices.

Because every borrower is unique, we offer a variety of solutions to fit your individual situation to ensure you accomplish your refinance goals. We are committed to educate, inform and help you decide what real estate financing options ‘make sense’ for you.

Your home is your biggest investment. You need to work with the right lending company to protect that investment. When financing your home, you need an experienced, reputable company. You need an agent who gives you facts, not opinions. You need to find the right loan with the best rate, and, most importantly, you need to get it closed — quickly. Vision Quest Lending.

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"Listening to a talk radio station Free Mortgage Radio show, I heard about mortgage interest rate being 50 years low; so I decided to call into the number given. I got connected with Vision Quest Lending. They were very helpful and was able to close my refinance in 2 weeks and now are saving $410 per month."
~ Mary Barrons
"I love listing to your show. Thank you for keeping me up to date on the current mortgage interest rate and loan programs
~ Tim Peters

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From the east coast to the west coast The Free Mortgage Radio Show is your number #1 source for up to the minute Mortgage Information, Rates, and News.
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